Many people fall into denial, frustration and stress when the time comes when the car asks for a repair and not just for the can of going to the garage, but for the bad reputation that has this service, the long times of wait, days without a car, high costs, laps and sometimes even having to deal with personnel who are not trained.

Mechanical workshop

Despite not being one of your favorite services is necessary, and that is how foreign franchises come up with double e automotive services providing simple and less common services: preventive automotive services. Currently more people are looking to keep their car in good condition for longer, than those who are willing to take on the debt of a new one. On the other hand, these franchises come with more sophisticated technology and specialized equipment to meet the needs of maintenance and repair that the most recent car models need, and which is sometimes difficult to find in the micro workshops.

These are some tips that will help your workshop to compete against the big franchises and the bad reputation of the garages. Remember that happy and satisfied customers are not only loyal customers, but also letters of recommendation. morans


We all know or imagine how difficult it is to have an impeccable mechanical workshop; however, we must seek to give a good view from other aspects, such as the organization of spaces, tools and cars that are inside. Having a clean and well labeled fa├žade also helps to improve the image and give more confidence. You can set up a small waiting room, or if you already have a make sure it is clean, have an adequate climate, good lighting, comfortable seats and some entertainment, such as magazines or a television. It’s simpler than you imagine, you just need a little creativity.


Wherever we go, we all like to be treated well, so a personalized and pleasant service is basic. Although the atmosphere and conversations in a workshop are informal, you should not forget to show your professionalism and seriousness to talk about the service you are providing.


Not everyone knows or understands cars, so it is important that you communicate to the customer in an honest and clear way what the repair or repair of your car consists of. Also make sure you use the terms and the appropriate vocabulary, it is not the same to talk to a guy, to an older man or a woman who has no idea about the subject.


Gain the confidence of your customers by explaining in detail what your car needs, what is the repair, the time needed, if spare parts will be needed, the cost of the same, the cost of labor, etc. If the spare parts are necessary let them decide if they buy them with you or on their own, if they buy them with you always give proof of purchase and, in any case, show them the old part to guarantee that the new one has been used.


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